About the Blogger

Before I deleted the paragraph that was set up for me to show that this is where I type, the sentence “This is your first post” was written. 5 simple words that held so much pressure within them, as if there should have been a tiny number one next to the word and in the footer it should have read “This will be the first time you open yourself up to the public’s opinions, praises, and criticisms.” Yikes. While the pre-written sentence may have been intimidating, my desire to dive into something new was too strong to let it stop me, so here goes nothing!

My name is Hope, and I am currently a college student pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. I spend currently spend my years in two different states: Hawaii and California. Now that the basics are covered, allow me to get to the stuff that will either spark your interest or cause you to exit out of this link.

I believe that there is a call on my life, and one on yours as well. (How exciting is that?) However, the call may come with struggles, whether that be on the journey to answering it, understanding it, or accepting it. Those struggles are what inspired me to make this page; to encourage others on their journeys by being real about mine. This blog will be an outlet for me to share about all the wonderful nuggets of wisdom that fall into my lap as the seasons of life continue on. My hope is that you’d read and be able to relate, gain, or learn from my experiences. That being said I would hate to present myself as someone who knows it all, which is why I’ve decided to be brutally honest on this page. I’m very excited to share with you all, I think that being real or transparent can often bring people closer together. So I know that this introduction has been quite vague, but I hope you will visit from time to time to see what else will unfold in the future.


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